Birchwood Law Assists Business Owners Purchasing Commercial Real Estate

In 2022 and 2023, Birchwood Law participated in a series of Small Business Workshops hosted by a not-for-profit organization called SBAC EMPOWER which strives to provide mentorship and support to Chicagoland’s entrepreneurs and business owners. The workshops were organized in partnership with several chambers of commerce, including Woodlawn and Greater Englewood.

For a small business owner, the realm of commercial real estate can be intimidating. Making a mistake in the site selection or due diligence process could prove detrimental. Commercial real estate financing and zoning often present significant barriers to business growth. There is also an opportunity cost associated with taking the time to figure it all out on your own.

To learn more about commercial real estate site selection, financing, zoning, and more, check out the latest Small Business Workshop video here:

Coming up next Wednesday, March 15th at 6 PM, SBAC Empower and the Woodlawn Chamber of Commerce will host a workshop where Katarina Karac of Birchwood Law LLC and Realtor Wil Galarza will discuss the process of finding and purchasing a commercial property. Registration is free for Woodlawn Chamber of Commerce members ($5 fee for non-members). Register here: